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Lotus-Pure is a new participant among environmental companies and aspires to be environmentally sustainable by reducing carbon emissions for water and energy utilities, eliminating water waste in cooling, and monetizing environmentally destructive waste. Overall, we expedite new water projects. We also offer a bold approach to lower global temperatures by "poking a hole in the greenhouse" rather than lowering carbon emissions or capturing carbon—our patented processes and sustainable, streamlined approach lower operational costs while turning waste into profits. We turn dirty water into inexpensive (possibly free) drinking water while cooling homes and businesses.


What The Indurstry Is Saying

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“Lotus-Pure Energy is able to convert low-grade heat below 80 °C into power. This is consequential because of the abundance of this low-grade heat typically lost to the environment. Industries can use it to lower traditional energy use.”

Bikram Bhatia, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Principal Investigator, Pyro Energy Research Laboratory
University of Louisville

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